3D printing: gamechanger in ophthalmics – Presented by Guido Groet, Luxexcel NV

3D printing: gamechanger in ophthalmics – Presented by Guido Groet, Luxexcel NV at the 3D Printing Electronics Conference, which takes place on Jan 24, 2017 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

3D printing has disrupted many industries by removing the requirements for identical products and allowing customization to individual needs. Currently, many different materials can be 3D printed for many applications, one of these applications are spectacle frames. The one elusive application has been optics, because of the requirements in transparency, surface smoothness and accuracy. 3D printing technology will provide significant advantages to both the ophthalmic industry and glasses wearers. It simplifies manufacturing processes, allows to create lenses for new frame shapes and enhances the freedom in lens designs.

About Guido Groet
Guido Groet is the Chief Marketing Officer of Luxexcel and in charge of all the commercial activities at Luxexcel. He is part of the Luxexcel team since 2014. He is a technology industry veteran with extensive experience in semiconductors, high-tech equipment and optics. He has held a number of senior positions at technology giant ASML, including VP strategy development for the USA operations and director of the strategic partnership with optics leader Carl Zeiss in Germany.

About Luxexcel NV
Luxexcel developed a 3D printing technology which can print optical products. A globally unique technology which can print without the need for polishing. This 3D printing process offers the ophthalmic industry new possibilities.