“Structural Electronics; the new manufacturing paradigm”, Presented by Rajesh Mandamparambil, TNO

By integrating electronics into loadbearing or protective structures, conventionally dumb plastic parts can be made smart. Currently different techniques like thermoforming and inmold are being explored. Utilizing the freedom of shape and flexibility of 3D printing techniques and combining the technologies from flexible electronics a new manufacturing paradigm is being developed. TNO is developing such manufacturing technologies towards mass customization of structural electronics. This will enable industries to accelerate innovations in this filed towards faster time to market. This presentation will talk about the current efforts from TNO towards this realization and the future vision.

About Rajesh Mandamparambil

After finishing his Masters in Electronics and Post Masters in Optoelectronics, Rajesh Mandamparambil (M) earned his PhD in Photonics from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India. He then moved to City University London as a post-doctoral researcher developing optical sensors until mid of 2008. In 2008, he joined the TNO/Holst Centre, The Netherlands, where his main focus was to develop laser based lithographic process organic electronic devices such as OLEDs and OPVs. Since January 2015 he holds a position of innovation leader at TNO’s additive manufacturing group and is focusing development of novel concepts for structural electronics.

About TNO

TNO was founded by law in 1932 to enable business and government to apply knowledge. As an organization regulated by public law, we are independent: not part of any government, university or company.