3D graphene-like material could lead to super electronics

The material offers vastly higher electron transfer rates, promising better-performing electronics.

Researchers have discovered a material with a similar electronic structure to graphene that can exist in three dimensions and could lead to faster transistors and more compact, higher capacity hard drives. The material, a form of the chemical compound sodium bismuthate, is called three-dimensional topological Dirac semi-metal (3DTDS).

An international team led by scientists from Oxford University, Diamond Light Source, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Stanford University and Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source discovered 3DTDS.

The researchers said the material could be used to make a hard drive that is higher density, faster and uses less energy, “for example turning a 1 terabyte hard drive into a drive that can store 10 terabytes within the same volume.” … (Read more)

Source: ComputerWorld.com