3D Print Your Own Arduino Compatible WiFi-Connected Touchscreen Device

The endgame for 3D printing has always been the ability to 3D print complete objects regardless of their complexity. While there are already expensive, industrial 3D printers equipped with high-end robotic systems than can pick and place parts and automatically assemble some simple components, the ability to 3D print assembled, functional electronics and circuit boards is still somewhat elusive.

The industry is certainly trying, and it has developed several exotic materials that can be used to 3D print circuit boards, as well as 3D printers that print with multiple or composite materials that can fabricate complex structures. There are several companies that are developing new conductive materials that are bringing us closer than ever.

Functionalize was one of the first companies to develop a highly conductive 3D printing filament that they call F-Electric that can be used to 3D print circuits, buttons and power connectors.Read more

Source: 3dprint.com