3D printed batteries could power electric cars

From toys to car bodies, researchers are working to harness the potential of 3D printing to make manufacturing easier and cheaper. So what about using 3D printing to make electric car batteries? A company called Graphene 3D Labs is working on just that. A manufacturer of the graphene-based material used in 3D printing, it unveiled a prototype 3D printable battery.

According to Green Car Congress, material developed by Graphene 3D Labs could be used to incorporate a battery into a component during the build process, leading to electronics with built-in power sources.

While the prototype battery only has the voltage of a standard AA, its maker believes 3D-printed batteries could eventually outperform a conventional cell because the shape, size, and specifications would be tailored to whatever it is being used to power.

That includes incorporating batteries into the bodywork of a car. In theory, body panels could be 3D printed out of a material that could store electricity. … (Read more)

Source: Ecomento.com