3D-printed Plotclock writes the time on a tiny whiteboard every minute (VIDEO)

Plotclock combines Arduino and 3D printing for a clock that writes and rewrites the time every minute.

It may not be the prettiest timepiece out there, but the Plotclock by designer and programmer Johannes Heberlein, AKA Joo, of Nuremberg, Germany is certainly mesmerising.

Crafted using a 3D printer, an Arduino board and servo motors, the clock is based on a very simple idea: writing out the time in digital format. As time marches on, and the clock ticks over the minutes, the servos control an arm holding a dry-erase marker, which writes out the four digits of the time to a 24-hour clock. Each minute, the arm will return to the top right corner, grab an eraser and rub out the digits so it has a clean slate for the next minute. … (Read more)

Source: Cnet.com