3D Printed Robot that Tutors, DJs & Protects Home Launches on Kickstarter for $499

He sees. He listens. He understands. With a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $10K, and halfway through its launch, the XLR-ONE Personal Robot Companion is gaining ground toward fruition steadily — with good reason. How many kids can say they had a robot help them with their homework last night?

Antonios Ameralis, CEO of XL Robotics, wants to see that become the norm — along with kids learning to assemble the bots themselves.

3D printing gives us the independence and access to make things for ourselves without waiting on a manufacturer or retailer. The XLR-ONE presents the wave of the real future, in a new 3D printed product that gives us what we’ve been dreaming of for years, as well as the opportunity to 3D print it, customize it, and the real kicker: control it from the smartphone via mobile app.

The XLR-ONE has my attention, and here’s why. He makes your life easier, with little maintenance — and no drama. The family-friendly droid offers you full control for performance of routines and tasks. Completely 3D printed, he is programmed to help you with your kids’ homework while you are busy cooking dinner and multi-tasking. He is skilled at entertaining at birthday parties as a full-time DJ while you are relaxing and singing along to Pitbull. Yes, Pitbull. … (read more)

Source: 3Dprint.com