3D Printer from Optemec Prints Embedded Electronics onto almost Any Substrate

Unlike systems that we’ve profiled in the past, Optomec’s Aerosol Jet 300 is a beast of a different order. Built to construct electronic and biological designs at the nanoscale, the Aerosol Jet 300 can process metals and “biologics” by depositing materials via an atomized spray onto any viable substrate.

At its core, the Aerosol Jet 300 is a departure from traditional rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing machines as it is currently only capable of adding electronic components and circuitry to previously built designs.

While electronics will likely dominate the workload of the Aerosol Jet 300, the system’s ability to process polymers and biological materials allows it to function in a wide variety of applications. This gives the Aerosol Jet 300 room to grow in the burgeoning field of additive manufacturing.

How the Aerosol Jet 300 3SP Works
The Aerosol Jet 300’s ability to manufacture 3-dimensional electronic circuits and components stems from its unique methodology. Unlike other 3D printers, the 300 uses an aerodynamic aerosol system to deposit metallic, polymer or biological “inks”. … (read more)

Source: Engineering.com