3D-Printing Electronics: A Faster, More Flexible World of Manufacturing Circuitry—Even in a Dress

3D-printing electronics isn’t a wave of the future; it’s here right now. Electronics designers can now print electronic devices in one piece and integrate them in any shape and/or place never before thought possible.

“3D-electronics printers could one day make circuit boards a thing of the past,” says Daniel Oliver, cofounder of Voxel8. The Somerville, Mass., company is set to produce its Voxel8 electronics 3D-circuit printers.

“With Voxel8, electronics designers aren’t limited to two-dimensional printed circuit boards,” he says. “You can design electronics to fit the part rather than design the part around the electronics’ dimensions.”

The printer allows engineers and designers to quickly design and prototype novel devices, such as 3D-printed antennas or electromagnetic coils, and to stack integrated circuits in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Voxel8 launched in January and is taking orders for its first generation of printers, which Oliver expects will be delivered later this year. He won’t say how many printers the company expects to ship this year, but the number will be small. “At first, we see these being used mainly for prototyping,” he says. … (read more)

Source: LineShapeSpace.com