Behold Lux: The 100% Do it Yourself, 3D-Printed Medium-Format Camera

For his latest project, Grad student and specialty camera builder Kevin Kadooka decided to go 100% homebrew, producing a camera that uses nothing from an existing camera. Instead, his handsome medium-format Lux camera relies on off-the-shelf electronics and mechanical parts and a body constructed of plastic panels produced by a 3D printer.

“My goal is to design and produce a fully-fledged camera, using easily purchased off-the-shelf components, without having to rely on anything pulled from a potentially valuable piece of equipment,” he says in his introduction to the project. “A secondary goal is also to make this camera completely open source through rapid-prototyping techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing, and the Arduino physical computing platform.”

The results, now available for one and all to replicate via online instructions, parts lists and 3D printer templates, are beyond impressive. The Lux looks somewhere between a vintage box camera and modern, minimalist electro-cube, with a waist-level viewfinder and 120 roll film assembly combined with a sophisticated electronic single leaf shutter. The innards are powered Arduino components running open-source code. … (Read more)

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