Ceradrop introduces F-Serie electronics printer

French equipment manufacturer Ceradrop has introduced a new modular multifunction production tool for printed electronics developers. The new machine can accommodate up to 8 different printheads to produce circuitry in a single run.

This will allow operators to combine inkjet deposition with other print systems, like Optomec’s Aerosol Jet for which Ceradrop recently became the exclusive French distributor.

An inline curing station is built into the F Serie behind the print space. Switching between printheads and curing stages is controlled by software supplied by Ceradrop.

At the event in Berlin, the F Serie was used to print Rfid circuits – however the manufacturer reports that the multi-head platform could be evolved for smart 3D printing. It is also designed to be highly scalable allowing users to extend production runs on the same equipment. … (read more)

Source: PlusPlasticElectronics.com