Glove One: The 3D Printed Smartphone Glove

Brian Cera is a maker who likes to give back to the open-source community of 3D designers and 3D printing enthusiasts, and that’s just what he is doing with a 3D printed product that is very likely to hit the spotlight and gain a lot of attention from technology enthusiasts.

You’ve probably got a smartphone and you might have a smartwatch, too — but how about a smartphone built into your hand? With all the cool of a secret service agent, and the convenience needed for the busy-busy culture we live in, Cera’s design looks like the logical phone of the future for many.

Cera is a professional artist who designs technological art for public spaces as well as video game installations and more. During a recent foray and interest in cosplay sites, blogs, and projects, Cera became inspired to create a “wearable technological object.” Inspired by the latest changes and behaviors regarding technology, Cera delved into the idea that we are so connected to our phones these days (and isn’t this the truth, folks?) that they have become part of us, almost like an extra limb. … (read more)