NanoDimension launches 3D printing electronics online service on-demand (Video)

Multimaterial 3D printing is exemplified no better than in the area of 3D printed electronics. The ability to create printed circuit boards (PCBs) on demand has the potential to transform localized electronics production and prototyping from the the armed forces to consumer goods, and every industry in-between.

To meet a growing demand for rapid electronics production, Israeli inkjet printing and material development company Nano Dimension (TLV:NNDM) has launched what it terms “the world’s first 3D printed electronics online service.”

Circuitry to speed the product life-cycle
Nano Dimension’s proprietary DragonFly 2020 and DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printers are installed at over 15 different locations, including Jabil, FATHOM, U.S. electronics company PHYTEC and anonymous users in defence, medicine and transportation. However, this is the first time that Nano Dimension will be directly offering PCB 3D printing as an on-demand service.

Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension, comments, “We are excited to bring to market the first ever digital manufacturing service for on-demand electronics prototypes and short run production,”

“Our unique additive manufacturing capabilities position us to be the first to offer professional-grade 3D printed circuitry, encapsulated sensors and printed antennas to designers and engineers within days, compressing our customers’ time to market and delivering valuable services across their entire product life cycle.”

3D printing electronics for every purpose
Nano Dimesion’s 3D Printed Electronics Service Bureau is open companies and individuals, allowing designs that incorporate  conductive and non-conductive materials, and rigid and flexible polymers.

Finished products delivered by Nano Dimension 3D printers include sensors, antennas, molded interconnect devices (MIDs), PCBs, and conductive geometries, components that the company terms “electrified objects.”

All electrified objects will be made using the DragonFly 2020 Pro system, an upgrade on the original 2020 model released September 2017.

Speaking at the time of the Pro’s release Simon Fried, Nano Dimension Co-Founder and CBO, said, “Agility and keeping pace with rapidly changing customer expectations is a competitive differentiator. 3D printing with this next-generation DragonFly is transformational for electronics development.”


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