Optics Industry: Digitizing Old Analogue Manufacturing Techniques

The optics industry is an old analogue industry. For a few thousand years people have been making optics in the same way, using polishing and grinding processes. This is time-consuming, expensive and difficult to scale up. In the 1950’s, injection moulding arrived and standard lenses could be made in high volumes. Now, Luxexcel’s new additive manufacturing techniques are allowing new possibilities in optics and photonics.

IDTechEx interviewed Luxexcel’s founder, Richard van de Vrie, for his opinions on this new way of making functional optics and how digital computing will extend the possibilities for many optical products and markets.

Mr. Van de Vrie, what is unique about Luxexcel’s additive manufacturing technique?

“The well-known 3D printing methods layer material. Our team did a lot of research because we understood that with printing layer-on-layer we never would achieve the smooth surface necessary for functional optics. After a lot of learning, we finally had the know-how to develop a solid process with fully dedicated digital printers to make optics in the additive way. Our digital process we named Printoptical Technology®.Read more

Source: 3dprintingprogress.com