Philips adds new dimension to LED market with 3D printed lamps

Electronics giant Philips will today unveil a new range of wireless LED lamps, including 3D-printed sculpture-style luminaires, as it pushes further into the smart home lighting market.

The company will release three new smart lighting products in its so-called “Hue” range, which allows lights to be controlled through Wi-Fi networks.

On display for the first time at this week’s Light and Building show in Frankfurt, the 3D printed lamps will be printed into shell style “light sculptures” that can serve as table lamps and pendants.

Designed with WertelOberfell and Strand+Hvass and starting from €2,499, they are clearly aimed at the high-end market, but nevertheless represent a major breakthrough for the lighting market as 3D printing is expected to see significant cost reductions for energy efficient lights over time. … (Read more)