Rabbit Proto makes it easier to get circuits into 3D printed objects (VIDEO)

Circuit printers and 3D printers are relatively accessible these days. Rabbit Proto, an open source project based out of Stanford University, wants to make it a little bit simpler to put the two together with a set of kits it is offering that make it easier to print 3D objects that are electronics compatible from the start.

Rabbit Proto’s team has created a syringe-like extruder that prints conductive ink, which can serve as circuits that connect different parts of an electronic device. The syringe can plug into RepRap 3D printers that are capable of printing with two extruders. The printer switches between printing in plastic and electronic ink without the user having to manually stop and restart the printer.

The Rabbit Proto joins a burgeoning group of projects looking to make 3D printed objects more than just static plastic. Tools like cheap microcontrollers and circuit pens mean that you don’t need an electrical engineering degree and soldering skills to create electronics anymore, and as interest in devices like wearable electronics grows, more people will become interested in creating their own. … (Read more)

Source: GigaOm.com