Voxel8 Raises $12M to Develop Technology Enabling 3D-Printing with Built-in Electronics (Video)

Voxel8, creators of a 3D electronics printer, has raised $12 million to grow its team and develop the core technology that enables companies to 3D-print products with built-in electronics. Founded out of Somerville, Massachusetts, Voxel8 lays claim to having created the world’s first “multi-material 3D printer,” one that’s capable of printing embedded electronics and “other novel devices.”

To enable this, Voxel8 announced a partnership with Autodesk earlier this year, resulting in the development of Project Wire, software specifically for designing 3D-printed electronics.

While the headline price might seem hefty, it’s important to note that this isn’t aimed at the consumer market — it’s being pitched at research and development (R&D) divisions within major organizations, who will use this to print products with built-in circuitry and wires. It essentially lets companies develop more efficiently “in-house” and bypass traditional supply chains.Read more

Source: venturebeat.com