Honda Releases its Concept Cars for 3DP with a CC License (VIDEO)

Concept cars shows are like the fashion shows of the autoworld. It disappointments me as I realize that the car will never be put into production. Honda is one car company that seems to be aware of this. Because you’ll never be able to drive one of their concept cars yourself, they’ve released them as a series of CAD models for you to modify and 3D print.

Honda’s new website,, features a handful of Honda’s concept cars, which you can view in 3D in a clean-looking virtual environment or you can download for yourself under the Creative Commons license. I’m particularly drawn to the Puyo and the Fuya-Jo. Car and Driver explained that the 2007 Puyo concept, with no hard edges and a soft interior, was meant to be a silky smooth car that evoked the sound “Puyo” upon touching or entering it. The Fuya-Jo, Honda’s 1999 concept, was designed for club kids, featuring a dashboard modelled after a DJ’s mixing deck and a steering wheel resembling a turntable. The company described it as a “short yet tall 4-seater that induces the same kind of experience as riding skateboards or rollerblades, or dancing in clubs.” … (Read more)