Zecotek Photonics Enters 3D Printing with Disruptive Technology

Zecotek Photonics, listed on both the U.S. OTC market [ZMSPF] and the TSX Venture Exchange [ZMS], is making a compelling strategic move into the 3D printing industry.

The company announced it is launching a 3D printing interface that offers significant design, cost and time advantages in commercial applications.

Zecotek CEO Dr. A.F Zerrouk stated:
“Zecotek`s 3D display technology creates significant advantages in the design process related to 3D printing. By creating a user interface between the 3D printer and our own patented 3D display, we offer end-users the most realistic view of the solid object being created on the printer. Individual or multiple users will have the ability to view the object in full 3D, from all perspectives, and edit the object as desired. The interface will have a rich variety of interactive features and offer the ability to see a true 3D image during the design process which can save both time, material and cost.” … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com