Behold Lux: The 100% Do it Yourself, 3D-Printed Medium-Format Camera

For his latest project, Grad student and specialty camera builder Kevin Kadooka decided to go 100% homebrew, producing a camera that uses nothing from an existing camera. Instead, his handsome medium-format Lux camera relies on off-the-shelf electronics and mechanical parts and a body constructed of plastic panels produced by a 3D printer. Continue reading “Behold Lux: The 100% Do it Yourself, 3D-Printed Medium-Format Camera”

Maxing iPad Loudness with 3D Printing

Whilst Apple’s iDevices are designed to require a relatively low requirement of vital ‘hidden-cost’ add-on peripherals — in part because of the vast amount of non-vital paraphernalia that Apple propagated as a culture of personalisation to express individualism in a milieu of iPhone ubiquity — they are designed to require an external speaker. The lack of maxed audio has been irritating Max Freeman of Geomagic Solutions for a while… Continue reading “Maxing iPad Loudness with 3D Printing”