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Neotech AMT GmbH is one of the leading companies developing systems for 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE). The company began developing this novel technology in 2006 and installed the worlds first 5 axis 3D PE system in 2010. This system expertly combines hard- and software elements into a unique solution capable of production complex circuitry on almost any 3D surface.
Rapid advances have lead the first commercial installation for mass production for printed 3D antenna. This high-throughput system is capable of printing millions of parts per year. Demand for this solution is being driven by the cost reduction potential coupled with technical and environmental benefits compared with current production process. Additional applications are being progressed in for Automotive and Industrial markets. Read more
Bronze Partner

PROFACTOR is an Austrian research company located in Steyr which focuses on developing new methods for integrated production technologies. The technological focus is on functional surfaces and nanostructures, robotics and machine vision. With around 80 employees PROFACTOR covers the whole range from basic research to applied research. The department of 'Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures’ (FON) is focusing its research on Additive Micro/Nano Fabrication (based on nanoimprinting and inkjet printing technology). The group is highly experienced and skilled in process and material development for inkjet printing of functional structures like 3D printed electronics, multi-material and multilayer printing, printing on freeform substrates (roboter based inkjet, digital tampon printing). The group has also broad experience in the treatment of surfaces by plasma methods to improve the wettability of inks on different materials, and has extensive knowledge in developing curing strategies.

Silver Partner

PV Nano Cell (PVN) offers the first-ever complete solution for mass-produced inkjet based, printed electronics. The proven solution includes PVN’s proprietary Sicrys™, silver-based conductive inks, inkjet production printers and the complete printing process. The process includes ink properties'​ optimization, printer’s parameters setup, printing modifications & tailored printing instructions per application. In the heart of PVN’s value proposition lies its unique and patented conductive silver and coper inks - Sicrys™. Those are the only inks made of Single Nano Crystals – which allows the inks to have the highest stability and throughput required to drive optimal mass-production results for wide range of applications. PVN’s solutions are used all over the world in a range of digital printing applications including: automotive, IoT, photovoltaics, printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuits, antennas, sensors, heaters, touchscreens and many more.
Silver Partner

Notion System is the future of mass production additive manufacturing. The n.jet inkjet platform from Notion Systems is used by customers to produce printed cirucit boards, OLED & QLED displays, sensors and high quality 3D parts. Notion Systems relies on decades of experience of their staff in bringing precise inkjet systems to customers and scaling up digital printing processes for functional material.
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