3D Printing Electronics offers 3Dimensional alternatives for Printed Circuit Boards

JakajimaTV interview with Martin Hedges, Owner of Neotech AMT Gmbh, hosted by Pieter Hermans gives a clear overview about the possibilities 3D Printing Electronics offers.

A reconfigurable array of printing, pre- and post-processing techniques are combined to enable 100% CAD driven printed electronics manufacturing. The resultant flexible process chain can be easily reconfigured to cope with rapid changes in product type whilst retaining the ability to be scaled through to high volume manufacture. In addition, a review of current 3D printed systems, including antenna, heaters and sensors will be conducted. It is clear that 3D Printing electronics creates 3D Dimensional alternatives for Printed Circuit Boards.

About Neotech AMT GmbH
Neotech AMT GmbH is one of the leading companies developing systems for 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE). The company installed the first 5 axis 3D PE system in 2010. Rapid advances lead to the first commercial installation for mass production for printed 3D circuits in mobile communications devices in 2015.

About Dr. Martin Hedges
“Graduated BSc (Materials Science) from the University of Manchester (UK) in 1987. Completed a PhD in Materials Science in 1990 from UMIST (UK).Founded the company Neotech in Nuremberg in 2001 to develop additive manufacturing processes with a focus on Printed Electronics Since 2009 the company has been pioneering the development of 3D Printed Electronics.”

Find more information about Neotech AMT Gmbh and how 3D Printing Electronics offers 3D Dimensional alternatives for Printed Circuit Boards on this site.

“Neotech has been pioneering the development of 3D Printed Electronics and our patented technology has a proven industrial track record” explains Dr. Martin Hedges, Managing Director of Neotech. “We have been working on combining 3D Printed Electronics with classical 3D Printing of mechanical structures and these new projects will accelerate the development. The ability to use fully Additive Manufacture to create complete 3D mechatronic systems enables many novel applications across diverse industries. The resultant process lines will address the needs for low volume agile manufacture within a single platform. Furthermore the parallel processing of 4 parts simultaneously will allow AM to scale to higher volume manufacturing than is currently possible, closing the scalability gap on traditional tool based manufacturing methods. ”