Honda Releases its Concept Cars for 3DP with a CC License (VIDEO)

Concept cars shows are like the fashion shows of the autoworld. It disappointments me as I realize that the car will never be put into production. Honda is one car company that seems to be aware of this. Because you’ll never be able to drive one of their concept cars yourself, they’ve released them as a series of CAD models for you to modify and 3D print. Continue reading “Honda Releases its Concept Cars for 3DP with a CC License (VIDEO)”

Maxing iPad Loudness with 3D Printing

Whilst Apple’s iDevices are designed to require a relatively low requirement of vital ‘hidden-cost’ add-on peripherals — in part because of the vast amount of non-vital paraphernalia that Apple propagated as a culture of personalisation to express individualism in a milieu of iPhone ubiquity — they are designed to require an external speaker. The lack of maxed audio has been irritating Max Freeman of Geomagic Solutions for a while… Continue reading “Maxing iPad Loudness with 3D Printing”

Animatronic Bird with 3D Printed Insides (VIDEO)

We’re all familiar with this sentence and the people working for the film industry know there’s a lot of ways to fake animals into your video. Well, get ready to witness one simple trapped little bird – a fake one of course. James Brennan-Craddock is up to something with ’Bertie’, an Animatronic Bird with 3D Printed Insides. This thing looks quite realistic, right? Continue reading “Animatronic Bird with 3D Printed Insides (VIDEO)”

How could the Electronics Industry use 3D Printing?

Most of today’s electronic products consist of traditional made parts. Plastic molded housings containing PCB’s with soldered THT and SMT components. In many cases even the design of a product is based on the electronics that should fit inside! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the electronics be a part of the design based on ergonomics and aesthetics? Continue reading “How could the Electronics Industry use 3D Printing?”

Forget Wearable and 3D Printed, This Is 3D Fabricated Injectable Electronics

We probably should have seen this coming: in the past we have often read about 3D printed electronics, 2D printed conductive inks on 3D printed surfaces, 3D printed embedded chips, all leading to ubiquitous concepts such as wearable electronics, the Internet of Things and smart/connected objects. However, more and more often lately, science moves faster than science fiction. We had never yet imagined something that a group of scientists from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University in Beijing, found quite obvious and already demonstrated experimentally to be feasible: injectable 3D fabricated electrodes work better than wearable ones. Continue reading “Forget Wearable and 3D Printed, This Is 3D Fabricated Injectable Electronics”