Animatronic Bird with 3D Printed Insides (VIDEO)

We’re all familiar with this sentence and the people working for the film industry know there’s a lot of ways to fake animals into your video. Well, get ready to witness one simple trapped little bird – a fake one of course. James Brennan-Craddock is up to something with ’Bertie’, an Animatronic Bird with 3D Printed Insides. This thing looks quite realistic, right? Continue reading “Animatronic Bird with 3D Printed Insides (VIDEO)”

How could the Electronics Industry use 3D Printing?

Most of today’s electronic products consist of traditional made parts. Plastic molded housings containing PCB’s with soldered THT and SMT components. In many cases even the design of a product is based on the electronics that should fit inside! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the electronics be a part of the design based on ergonomics and aesthetics? Continue reading “How could the Electronics Industry use 3D Printing?”

Forget Wearable and 3D Printed, This Is 3D Fabricated Injectable Electronics

We probably should have seen this coming: in the past we have often read about 3D printed electronics, 2D printed conductive inks on 3D printed surfaces, 3D printed embedded chips, all leading to ubiquitous concepts such as wearable electronics, the Internet of Things and smart/connected objects. However, more and more often lately, science moves faster than science fiction. We had never yet imagined something that a group of scientists from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University in Beijing, found quite obvious and already demonstrated experimentally to be feasible: injectable 3D fabricated electrodes work better than wearable ones. Continue reading “Forget Wearable and 3D Printed, This Is 3D Fabricated Injectable Electronics”

Picatinny 3D Printing Could Provide Cheaper Electronics

Picatinny Arsenal has revealed a litany of potential electronic applications for additive material and 3D printing. Most of the projects listed would have a direct impact in the military field, and anything cutting down the weight and price of battle equipment would be welcome throughout the ranks. With specific additives, Picatinny looks to provide radio frequency to helmets, clothing even weaponry for signals and communication. Of course, electronic equipment is not limited to ground forces, and Picatinny Arsenal foresees 3D printing in Unarmed Arial Vehicles or UAV’s. While radio frequency and electronic components in arsenals and vehicles is not new, it is what 3D printing allows that has Picatinny Arsenal giddy. Continue reading “Picatinny 3D Printing Could Provide Cheaper Electronics”

3D Printed Loudspeaker – 2 Versions (VIDEOS)

This video feature is about 3D Printed Loudspeakers. The first to get their video out to the public was Cornell researchers in Hod Lipson’s Creative Machines Lab. Their goal is to move 3D Printing away from passive parts to printing integrated systems. For this project they used two different printers, but Hod Lipson, Associate Professor at Cornell University, believes soon we will be able to use a single printer for manufacturing complete functioning products. Check the video below to see the loudspeaker in action. Continue reading “3D Printed Loudspeaker – 2 Versions (VIDEOS)”

GreenJet, a digital 3D printing system for the PCB industry

Camtek Ltd. announced recently that in light of the high trading volume of the Company’s shares and rumors that have been circulating in the media over the course of the past few days, it wishes to clarify that, as reported previously, it is now in the advanced stages of the development of the GreenJet, a digital 3D printing system used for the deposition of solder mask designated for the printed circuit board industry (the “GreenJet System”). The first installation of the GreenJet System for evaluation in a customer’s manufacturing environment is expected to take place in the beginning of 2014 and, subject to the results, the Company expects the first commercial sales of the GreenJet System to take place during 2014. Continue reading “GreenJet, a digital 3D printing system for the PCB industry”