The conference program contains the following speakers.

13:4514:00Virtual Waitingroom
14:0014:10Pieter Hermans moderatorModerator
Pieter Hermans, Jakajima, Opening and Welcome
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14:1014:30martin hedges programMartin Hedges, General Manager, Neotech AMT GmbH , on 'Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - from “Fully Additive” to High Volume.' Read more....
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14:3014:50Leo SchranzhoferLeo Schranzhofer, Project Manager / Research Scientist, Profactor GmbH, on "Sensor package fabrication via additive manufacturing for automotive sector – An introduction to the TINKER project", Read more
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14:5015:10valentina bertanaValentina Bertana, Postdoctoral Researcher, Politecnico di Torino, on "Electrically conductive polymers for additive manufacturing: current research at PoliTo", Read more
15:1015:35Virtual Network Break
15:3515:55Stephen BenningtonSteve Bennington, CEO, Q5D Technology Limited, on "Q5D Adding Electrical Function", Read more
15:5516:15Shweta AgrwalaShweta Agarwala, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Aarhus University, on "Flexible and Conformable Electronics for Next-Generation Devices", Read more
16:1516:35Rob HendriksRob Hendriks, Technical Lead, Holst Centre, on '3D Printed Electronics: Towards Chip Packaging Applications'
16:3517:00Virtual Network Break
17:0017:20Philippe GuainoPhilippe Guaino, Program Leader, CRM Group, on "Shapetronic platform, a demo case of Vanguard Initiative for 3D printing electronics", Read more
17:2017:40Claudia Delgado SimaoClaudia Delgado Simão, PhD, Team Leader, Eurecat, on "Block copolymers: a route for 4D printing", Read more
17:4018:00Round table discussion
18:00-End of Conference

Creating 3Dimensional Printed Circuit Boards

As the world of 3D-printing is evolving, electronics is quickly becoming a new key player. Functional elements such as sensors, switches and printed circuit boards are now being integrated into 3D-printed products, paving the way for exciting new markets, applications and opportunities.

On the crossroads of science, technology and business in 3D-printing electronics the speakers they will fill you in on the latest breakthroughs, cutting edge research and business opportunities. Learn about 3D-printed embedded electronics in cars, pended optics, new forms of Printed Circuit Boards and the volume manufacturing of electronics.

The 3D Printing Electronics Conference is a platform and information interface enabling an exchange of informations on market requirements, research interests and current results, skills and resources as well as facilitating the building of future partnerships. Academics, engineers, designers, and managers are invited to lecture at the conference program on their state-of-the-art developments and future prospects or display their products and offers as exhibitor.

Focus topics of the conference involving (3D) printed electronics are:

  • combining functional elements such as electronics (sensors or switches) into a (3D) printed product hybrid / printed circuit boards
  • processes that integrate electronics onto or within 3D printed parts
  • 3D Printed Optics / Photonics
  • Challenges for manufacturers / engineers / researchers
  • Future prospects / applications

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