Johannes Glasschröder, Technical University Munich presents at 3D Printing Electronics Conference

The title of his presentation is: 3D Additive Manufacturing of Electronic Applications. By additive manufacturing technologies, the demand for customized and function integrated products can be served. Until a few years ago, these processes were limited to manufacture parts with integrated mechanical and thermodynamik functions.

In this presentation, recent research results concerning the integration of electrical functions are presented. Different approaches for implementing conductive paths and electronic components during the powder-bed based 3D printing process to create integrated electronic structures as well as the creation of circuit patterns and electrically interconnected components on the surface of the printed parts are shown.

About Johannes Glasschröder
Johannes Glasschröder, born 1985, studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich with focus on automotive engineering and production technology. In 2010 he finished his studies and started to work as a research assistant at the iwb Application Center in Augsburg in the field of additive manufacturing processes. His focus lies on the process development for the 3D-printing process with plastics.

About The Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb)iwb_augsburg_logo_4c
The Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) of the Technical University of Munich is one of the largest production technology institutes in Germany. The major research topics at the iwb are control technology, cooperation management, development of production systems, factory planning and logistics, handling and joining technology, and manufacturing processes. Within the research field additive manufacturing, solutions for the design and optimization of additive layer manufacturing are developed.

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