Digital Mass Manufacturing of Electronics – Breaking the Mold

Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition. C.L.A.D. is technology developed for additive manufacturing based on the LIFT (Laser Induced Forward Transfer) technology. A material, evenly coated on a transparent carrier film, passes under a laser. The laser applies a short burst of energy to it. This releases perfectly consistent drops of material onto the substrate below. The material drops can then be sintered or cured inline, within the same machine. A great benefit is that this technology works for solder and polymers as well as for metals and ceramics. Up to six materials can be printed at the same time.

This new technology opens the way to new advanced applications and the fabrication of innovative materials and novel applications. The system will work with many materials currently on the market and will also leave great freedom to innovate to both material engineers and chemists: they will be able to create products with significantly better properties than those achievable with current 3D printing technologies due to the low constrain requirement on the printed material for example the viscosity could up 300 kCps.


What drives you?
Innovation, getting things done, bringing value to customers.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
We will be showcasing a new technology that over the coming years will be applied to more and more applications. Any step where one material is deposited onto another substrate will benefit from the new technology.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (C.L.A.D.) will be applied to more steps in the electronics supply chain, leading to a cheaper, more versatile and greener electronics manufacturing process.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
The delegate will be exposed to a new technology that will have great impact on the electronics supply chain in the coming years.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
All new technologies and processes require some time for the public to get used to them and accept them.

“Special Quote”
Bringing true additive manufacturing to the electronics supply chain with industry certified materials.

Ralph Birnbaum is Director of Business Development at IO Tech Group.

ioTech has developed a unique disruptive multi-material additive manufacturing technology that can process almost any industry certified material at high resolution and high speed, enabling full scale digital production.

Manufacturers can use their standard industrial materials, control the deposition of each single drop and reach unmatched production yields.

The speed and capacity of the technology deliver complete commercial solutions across multiple industries and hold great potential for mass-manufacturing applications such as semiconductor packaging and printed circuit boards, manufacturing and assembly.

No need to purchase special inks, just use your own certified industrial materials.

Ralph Birnbaum is a speaker at the 2021 edition of the 3D Printing Electronics Conference.