DoMicro: inkjet printing 2.5D electronics

by Henk van Broekhuyzen, Senior Process Development Engineer, DoMicro

A presentation about the ongoing work at DoMicro in the field of inkjet printed electronics. Going beyond conducting lines


About Henk van Broekhuyzen

After 2 years at the Technical University Eindhoven lack of Academic effort resulting in sub par progress made Henk switch to the Fontys. After graduation he joined Philips Research in the PolyLED project..In this pilot project he started inkjet printing which he has done ever since. At DoMicro Henk is at the hart of FHE process development doing material testing, design, process development as wel as customer and supplier discussions.

About DoMicro

Domicro is a small (<10) company working in the field of Flexible hybrid electronics with a focus on process and application development.