FDM-Printed Electronics – 3D Wire Routing, Process Verification and Applications

by Florens Wasserfall, University of Hamburg

Two years ago, we presented a toolchain to design and manufacture 3D electronic circuits, integrated into FDM-printed parts.

This talk is a follow-up report on the progress of the ongoing research, focusing on three topics:

  • An algorithm for 3D wire routing in complex shaped objects under consideration of FMD process parameters.
  • Optical documentation of the build process and approaches for automatic defect detection.
  • Demonstration of first results.

The presentation aims to convey an impression of what is currently possible with this technology and spark a discussion on future research questions.

program: https://www.3dprintingelectronicsconference.com/program/

About Florens Wasserfall

Florens Wasserfall works as a research associate at the Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg. He started working with 3D-printers in 2011, received his master’s degree in 2014 on adaptive slicing algorithms for FMD-printing and has developed a strong interest in integration of electronics and sensors into 3D-printed parts.

About University of Hamburg

The additive-manufacturing research-lab is part of the intelligent robotics group and co-located with the RoboCup team, providing a broad range of real applications and integration.