Francis Van Vehmendahl, Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics will speak at 3D Printing Electronics Conference 2019

Francis Van Vehmendahl, Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics will speak at 3D Printing Electronics Conference 2019

In the last decade the LPKF-LDS technology matured into an accepted manufacturing method. This is especially the case in Asia were LDS materials are widely applied in wireless communication devices, such as mobile phones, notebooks and smart wearables. The most common used LDS material for these antenna applications is polycarbonate (PC) due to its well-balanced properties such as impact strength, processability, surface appearance and radio frequency (RF) performance.

The advantage of using LDS for these wireless devices is caused by the ease of creating opportunities to embed electronic circuits and antennas directly on the thermoplastic surface of complex 3D structures.

In order to show the potential of the LDS materials in customer applications outside the E&E market segment, Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics (MEP) made the Xantar* LDS portfolio available for 3D printing. By doing so, the customers can familiarize themselves with the LDS products by means of rapid prototyping via 3D printing on a low cost open source printer.

This enables the customer to directly test his prototypes on functionality; e.g. RF functions, testing of electrical properties and mechanical joining with other parts. If needed designs can be easily altered to further improve on electrical properties or find the lowest interference when multiple antennas are used on the part, in possible next iteration steps.

The 3D printing creates a route to translate the LDS solution from rapid prototyping into an actual moulded part by using the same material and with possible time savings in the prototyping/design stage.

MEP will show in this presentation that rapid prototyping is possible with current PC and PC-ABS LDS materials that are also used for injection moulding.A comparison of performance will be presented between 3D printed solutions and injection moulded solutions.

* Xantar is a registered tradename, and is part of the multiproduct portfolio of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation.

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