Innovation Impulses in Printed Electronics through Cross-industrial Consortium Projects

by Daniel Fuehren, Project Manager, Innovation Impulses in Printed Electronics through Cross-industrial Consortium Projects, KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

The rapid development of additive manufacturing in recent years has reached the printed electronics sector. Besides the established 2D & 2.5D based techniques, also functionalized 3D-printed components are feasible now by utilizing new processes with unique and potentially disruptive properties for the smart products and services of the future.

In the consortium project “Printed Electronics” we identify suitable applications and additional services which can leverage the potential of this technology for companies to the full extent. As part of the exclusive network, companies define the focal points of the content to be developed in plenary sessions. In the project companies receive a structured overview of innovative technologies and trends, develop common questions in your new network and gain a broad knowledge base about technologies. Technology and market studies, business cases and roadmaps enable companies to make quick decisions.

Within three months, last year’s consortium developed a prototype for an alternative heating system in automobiles based on a printed heating foil and the consortium’s various solutions. The trusting cooperation in the consortium and the methodology of the agile approach were decisive for realizing this functional prototype in the shortest possible time.


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