A 3D Printed Smart Cover For Smartphones: The Other Half

Finnish smart phone manufacturer and software developer Jolla has been working away to make smartphone technology even smarter by relying on the crowd. With its Linux-based Sailfish OS, users can import a variety of applications for other operating systems, like Android. 

To further enhance its open attitude towards its devices, Jolla has released a new hack for its Other Half cellphone.

3D Printed Smartphone Cover JollaThe Other Half features replaceable back smart covers that come in two colors, ‘Keira Black‘ and ‘Aloe’. When you purchase the smart covers for €29 each, not only are you getting a new look, but a new theme for your phone, due to an embedded NFC chip that tells your phone to switch wallpapers, ringtones, and sounds to match the theme of the smart cover. For those with a DIY mindset, The Other Half isn’t limited to Keira and Aloe. Jolla has released a new software development kit that allows hackers to take the concept even further.

The SDK comes with 3D-printable files, as well as all of the technical information you’d need to create your own back cover and accompanying phone profile. While I may lack the skills to develop such a back cover, Jolla’s phones are meant for those with a little more hacker gumption. 3D printing such a phone cover allows for an obvious level of customizability in terms of colour, material and design, but the ability to modify the phone profile extends that personalising into the realm of the practical. You might make yourself a phone cover for different environments. For instance, you could print a professional back and program silent profiles for the office environment (works great for funerals, too). Then, you might don a fun, colourful back with the loudest ringer possible for when you’re in the club (works terribly for funerals).

3D Printed Smartphone Cover Jolla

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com