3D printed Dazzle Lamps play with light and colour

The (relatively) new technology of 3D printing gives designers the ability to design elaborate objects, but the technology of light has been transforming our world since the beginning of time. In fact, some might consider light to be time itself. Belgium-based designer Corneel Cannaerts’s Dazzle Lamps do a sort of dance when the switch is flicked.

Printed on a ProJet, née Z-Corp, printer, Cannaerts is able to construct light fixtures with a dark exterior and light interior, playing with the complementary relationship between light and dark. On the outside and when turned off, his lamps are an oblique grey. On the inside, and when turned on, however, his lamps reveal a stunning array of colors. Inside of the small triangular opening of each fixture is a small LED and the lamps can be matched with two custom fittings, so that they may be used as a pendant or standing lamp. Cannaerts explains how 3D printing might change the way we design, saying, “The dazzle lamp prototypes look at the potential of 3D colour printing to embed different states within an object.” … (Read more)


Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com