Erik Teunissen, Berenschot presents at 3D Printing Electronics Conference

Erik Teunissen, Consultant at Berenschot, presents at the 3D Printing Electronics Conference. Title of his presentation: “Making business with E-printing”.

The transfer of new technologies to the market consumes more time and effort than we think off. The main issues to be successful and to accelerated the business development in this arena will be discussed together with the mutual coherence between technology, ecosystem, applications and business cases.

About Erik Teunissen
Ing. Erik Teunissen is Senior Managing Consultant of Berenschot. He has extensive experience in innovation and technological consultancy, project management and business development in the high tech industrial sector and is sector manager of the industry for Berenschot. He started cluster programs like the MEMPHIS program for photonics integration, PV-Solar and Micro-Electronics and AMT. He writes roadmaps, initiating new projects including the financing and facilitates the overall program management and business development together with the other members of the cluster office.

About BereBerenschotnschot
Berenschot is the oldest independent consultancy firm in The Netherlands. Berenschot covers the entire range of consulting services, from strategy to implementation, from supply chain optimization to HR, for private and public organisations. Berenschot has a background in general consulting and project management competencies. In previous international projects regarding additive manufacturing (Custom Fit and Direct Spare), we were responsible for marketing research, project management, business modelling and dissemination.

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