“Printing Electronics: The future of paper” – Presented by Gael Depres, Arjowiggins

Today, with the emergence of printing electronics, it is now possible to print high quality, complex, and reliable circuitry directly onto the special grades of papers that Arjowiggins developed, named Powercoat. This paper has an exceptionally smooth surface, a high temperature resistance favorable for sintering of conductive inks, and is completely biodegradable.

In one instance, Arjowiggins launched a range of papers with pre-printed NFC RFID tags embedded between two sheets of paper, with a very thin chip glued on it, which produces tags that are seamless and ready to be integrated into end user applications via all major printing techniques.

With this RFID paper, it is now possible for every printer to make smart packaging, intelligent advertising in magazines, or functional labels and thus to connect the paper to your digital content through the customer’s smartphone.

In the comings months, seamless sensors will be printed on the tags or Bluetooth labels will make the paper even smarter.

About Gael Depres

Gael Depres received his MS Degree in Pulp and Paper in 1996 from PAGORA and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from INPG. He entered the group Arjowiggins in 1999 as a research Engineer and worked mainly on new products developments in the area of specialty papers, Fine Papers and Innovation. He is now exploratory research and partnership manager, working mainly on printing electronics and connected papers.

Gael Depres wrote several articles and participate in many conferences in the area of paper and holds a dozen of patents in the field of specialty papers and printing electronics on paper.

About Arjowiggins

Arjowiggins is one of the world’s leading fine and technical papers manufacturers, offering a very wide range of papers for various applications. Some of its most prestigious brands include Conqueror, Opale and Inuit for brand communication; Curious collection, Keaykolour, Pop’Set and Skin for luxury applications; Guarro Casas and Delos for binding and luxury packaging, and most recently, Powercoat and Alive, specially adapted for printed electronics and connected papers.